RT- 30
Product Overview

  • Maximum Capacity: 32 MT at 3M Radius on Outriggers 360° Slew
  • Maximum Capacity: 20.9 MT at 3M Radius on Tyres Over front
  • 3 Part 25 M Boom
  • 4x4 Wheel Drive with 4-Wheel Steer

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Product Information
Lifting capacity
  • 32 MT at 3 m radius on fully extended outriggers with 360 deg. Slew
  • Suitable water cooled, turbo-charged diesel engine of adequate horse power.
  • Power shift with built in torque convertor and adequate speeds controlled from cab.
Steering system
  • Fully Hydraulic & independent power steering, 4 steering modes – 2 wheel (front), 2 wheel (rear), 4 wheel coordinated & crab.
  • Service: Foot operated, hydraulically applied pneumatically assisted disc brake on all wheels
  • Parking: Hand operated lever, spring applied hydraulically released front axle mounted disc brake.
  • 18.00 x 25.00-32 PR, 4nos. earthmover type.
  • 3 Part telescopic boom fully powered & synchronized.
  • Four nos. out and down type, hydraulically operated with fail safe dual lock valves.
  • Hydraulic winch with axial piston motor, grooved drum & planetary reduction gear box.
  • 8/9 part line with 16 mm rope diameter.
Safety devices
  • Pressure relief valve, balance valves & brake valves fitted at various point in hydraulic system.
  • Electronic safe load indicator shows actual load, rated load , load radius and boom elevation angle at any particular instant . In overload condition gives audio visual warning and automatically hydraulic cut off during unsafe operation while operation like derricking in and hoisting down still being possible.
  • Limit switch on boom head for over hoisting of snatch block and on winch for over lowering with hydraulic cut off and warning.
Standard Accessories
  • Operator cabin
  • Rear View side mirror
  • Turn & reverse indicators
  • Diver adjustable seat with seat belt
  • Cabin interior light & fan
  • Tyre inflator
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Lattice boom extension 8.5 m.
  • Spare wheel & tyre
  • Marker Light
  • High tension warning device
  • Towing Hook
  • Air conditioner
  • Heater / Demister
  • Fog light
  • Cold starting kit
  • Fire detection andsuppression system
  • Centralize lubrication system